Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's Try This

Okay, the response to the 'Eating Crow' blog post has me thinking of what I can do for all of us. Here is a thought:
If you are a shop owner, email me directly your email address. Hopefully from your email address I can see that you own a real brick & mortar store. If not, send me all your info.

1. Shop name, address, etc. (Some of you I know so this won't be necessary).
2. Web site or blog site so I can see you really are a business owner.
3. Email

Send to curiousdeb@curioussofa.com

I do not want to post all that I am learning on this blog as I know some customers and competitors check this. But to all of you business owners wanting to learn like I am, I have a plan.

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