Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calendar Girl

I decided to share a December sales idea after receiving a few emails from several retailers asking what I do about Christmas markdowns. It's hard for all of us to compete when every big box store is offering massive discounts already but a fun gimmick is always good.

I started this idea last year and it was a hit with customers so we are doing it again. Beginning December 12 Curious Sofa begins their 12 Days of Christmas Sale. The discounts start at 12% off on all Christmas merchandise and continues from 13% to 24% on the appropriate date thru Xmas eve. Then the day after Xmas we start our 50% off Christmas sale.

On December 26th we also begin our Winter Clearance Sale marking a lot of winter items, gifts and decor down 20-75% off (basically stuff we're all tired of looking at and has not moved fast enough). I used to have this sale until January 31 but by Jan. 15 the store looked pathetic and customers were ready for something new so now we end it in three weeks, which is plenty of time. I have also started to order new merch to keep the inventory level up but I am focusing more on larger furniture pieces (lamps, mirrors, art, chairs) than a ton of smalls. I am however, keeping the jewelry, winter scarves and candles stocked because it is still cold out there and those smaller items are good impulse purchases no matter what time of year.

Pass on any sale ideas you might have and get your calendar year ready for your staff. The momentum of Christmas energy needs to keep us going!

Also, Curious Cocktails Sunday, January 13 in Atlanta at the Westin Lobby Lounge, 6:30 p.m.
More later!

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