Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shop Owner Blog

Welcome future shop owners!

I have been asked many times by young women for advice on how to open a small store. Some of you have learned the business books out there are not quite right for your type of venture. They talk of a much bigger picture than many of you are looking for. The majority of these publications have been written with so much expert advice, they forget to talk to women in words they can understand. I feel you want to know the real nuts and bolts of daily operations, or how to take the very first steps from money to leasing to buying the right products. I think the 'retail rules' can be simplified in an easy to understand formula with helpful information to make you aware and prepared for what you might be getting into.

I will start here with this blog by telling you the steps I went through from the first time I showed any talent for retail until now. With over seven years under my belt, I am still new at this, but that is good, as the trials and errors are still fresh in my mind. Maybe your idea for a store is smaller, maybe bigger. But I would guess most of you are coming from a place with a heart for stuff, a talent for design and a desire to do it yourselves. You may think this is all it takes, but I will show you, it is so much more.

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