Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Letter to Readers

First off, forgive me! I have been so preoccupied with the store I have neglected this Shop Owner Blog. I received the letter you see under this entry today and felt it was worthy of a response. When I posted it I realized I had 11 comments on my first entry and never knew it! I thought they were comments for the Curious Sofa Blog. Sorry!

I knew there was a sisterhood of business owners out there (and wanna be owners) as this is the bulk of my email and I also knew that we are all dying to have someone to talk to. None of us know if we are doing this right, if the money is there or coming or going, if the lease is too complicated, if the employee is right, etc. There are so many issues I cannot begin to list them all. Today Abby, my business manager told me to stop writing this advice for free. "Charge her!", she said. I am not sure how to do this yet so for now, it will be here in small doses. Instead of spilling my knowledge, maybe I should take questions (keep them short please) so other gals can be heard.

Bring it on.

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